Mike Works From Home

Mike Works From Home was a web series I created, wrote and produced about a guy who works from home who works harder at not working than he does at his job. All episodes available below:

Mute Button
Here’s the first episode about what happens when you forget to put the phone on mute:

What Do You Do? 
A visitor (Becca Steinhoff) has trouble getting Mike to say exactly what his job is.

The Doorman
When the neighboring building’s doorman (Courtney Fearrington) has trouble with his job responsibilities, it’s up to Mike to coach him up on how to be a doorman.

Home Invasion
Mike must figure out a way to keep his nosy landlord Vera (Jessica Brodkin) from disrupting his work day.

Password Reset
When Mike needs a new password, the company’s IT guy Gerald is way too eager to help.

Office Dating
Mike gives his boss Kevin some unsolicited romantic advice.

Lunch Break
Mike enlists Vera, the Doorman, an unsuspecting delivery guy and an old TV host to help spice up his lunch time experience.

Life Coach
Mike’s company sends a life coach (Kristin Manna) to help him get motivated, but he struggles with some of life coaching’s core concepts.

A squirrel in the apartment means Mike can’t pretend to work, so it’s up to Vera and the Doorman to help him catch it.

Performance Review
Mike has to get through his performance review without his CEO realizing Mike’s not wearing any pants.