Why Do You Have To Be 25 To Rent a Car?

Seems like a rather arbitrary age, doesn’t it?

I get that 18 is also an arbitrary age to buy cigarettes. There’s nothing inherently more adult about a 21 year old that makes them fit to drink alcohol. But at least those ages guard against dangerous activities.

What is it about renting a car that only the 25-plus crowd is uniquely qualified to do?

My theory: the guy who came up with the rule was trying to stop his 24 year old ex-girlfriend from renting a car.

That’s the only possible explanation that makes sense. Can’t you see him now, a jilted lover behind the reception desk at Enterprise? Wearing a rumpled, short sleeve white button down and a look of disgust as the woman who used to love him avoids eye contact. “I can just go to Avis Jared, really…”

“No, no, no. It’s fine. It’s just you have to be 25 years old. I’m sorry, but the rental agreement is clear. It says you need to be 25 years old, you need a valid driver’s license, and you specifically can’t take the car to Brad’s house, Denise. That’s literally the wording from the contract we give everyone.”

“Also, if you look under ‘Terms and Conditions,’ you’ll see it clearly states that the driver is required to buy insurance if driver does not currently own an insured vehicle. It also states that I still love you, D. I still love you, and we can make this thing work. How about we rip up this paperwork and I’ll just give you my car and we can forget Brad ever existed?”

Next time you rent a car, read your agreement. It’s all in there.


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