One Question About Lent

I’ve got nothing against Lent. I always try to give one thing up per year even though I don’t go to church. Basically, it’s like cramming for Heaven.

The thing I gave up this year? Why, I gave up giving stuff up.

Here’s my question: are there any totally evil, bad people who give something up for Lent in the hopes that it’s really going to matter? How much sin does 40 days of not having something you like make up for?

Like if a serial killer’s Catholic, can he get in just on Lent stuff alone? He’s at the Pearly Gates sweating as St. Peter runs down the list: “Well, you maimed two dozen people, killed two dozen more. Killed their families too…but wait a second…it says here you gave up cheesecake during an arbitrary period around March ’07. You know what? Come on in!”

Anyway, have fun not drinking soda until Easter.


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