LinkedIn Needs to Change Up Their Notification Strategy

I’m on LinkedIn. Not proud of it, but I’m on there. It’s interesting. It’s like an entire social network of people pretending to like work. “Check out this great blog about corporate synergy! This is the stuff I’m definitely interested in, or at least I will be until my boss de-friends me on here.”

LinkedIn has a weird set of things they notify you of. One: every time somebody checks your profile. Isn’t being able to keep tabs on people you don’t want to actually talk to without them knowing the whole point of social media? The entire site is like a stalking narc.

They also like to send a notification when one of your friends got a job. “Congratulate Steve Smith on his new position!” They’re missing a major opportunity here. Send me a notification when a friend of mine LOSES their job.

“Congratulate Steve Smith on his…uh, newfound free time? Need any odd jobs done? Good news is he’ll probably do ’em for not too much money! What else does he have going on?”

I’m telling you, LinkedIn. Don’t be like all the other social networks. Be the one that uses schadenfraude to your advantage.


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