When Saying “Well, Actually…” Goes Bad


Don’t you hate people who correct you by saying, “Well, actually…”? I try not to do it, opting to either not correct people or do it in a way where their ego is preserved. However, I do have one experience doing it where I ended up looking much worse than the person I was correcting.

I don’t remember the context around this. I remember talking about superhero movies with someone. Could have been a friend, or a passing acquaintance. When the conversation shifted to the 2002 Sam Raimi Spiderman, the person eventually said, “Yeah, and remember the soundtrack for that one had that shitty song by Nickelback?”

Here’s the video:

An acceptable response on my part would have been, “Yeah, that song sucked.” Or, “I actually liked that song at the time. It’s embarrassing to look back on how shitty our taste was in high school.” (Regrettably true.)

I didn’t say any of that though. What I said was, “Well actually…it wasn’t by Nickelback. It was by Chad Kroeger, featuring the lead singer of Saliva.”

His name’s Josey Scott, if you were wondering. No one was wondering.

This revelation effectively ended the conversation, and rightfully so. Why point that out if you’re me? Knowing that is sadder than attributing the shitty song to Nickelback. It shows a level of Nickelback knowledge that’s borderline unhealthy. What’s next for me, dropping more Kroeger trivia?

“God, Chad Kroeger sucks.”

“Well actually…he was born Chad Robert Turton. Chad Kroeger is a stage name. So a more accurate statement would be Chad Robert Turton sucks.”

“Whatever man, I don’t want to be friends anymore.”

Another sad part about this story: I remembered anything about the band Saliva. Think about it. Hadn’t you pretty much wiped them from your memory? They were one of those post-Limp Bizkit Limp Bizkit tribute bands like P.O.D. that everyone had agreed to forget about. Not if I have anything to say about it.

That’s the other thing: the song was released in 2002. This conversation didn’t occur in 2003, 2004, or 2005. This was like a year or two ago. Over a decade had passed since this atrocity had been unleashed to make society’s ears bleed, and despite this person’s noble attempt to misremember it as a Nickelback single (which for all intents and purposes, it might as well have been), I say no. Like this song or not, I’m going to make sure everyone gets the facts straight on it. And the facts are it was NOT a Nickelback song. It was a Chad Kroeger/Guy From Saliva collabo.

Don’t come around me without doing you research on superhero movie soundtracks. Your best bet if we’re going to hang out? Memorize the lyrics to Kiss From a Rose, for starters.

If you subscribe to my newsletter I’ll pledge to not send you one random Nickelback fact a week for as long as we both live.


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