Kyrie Irving Thinks the World is Flat and Other Controversial NBA Opinions

Kyrie Irving made headlines recently by proclaiming his belief that the world is flat. He isn’t the only NBA player with a controversial opinion, though. Here are some others:

* Kenny Smith is a rabid 9-11 truther, telling anyone who will listen, “Take it from me, Kenny “The Jet” Smith: jet fuel can’t melt steel beams. I would know. I am a jet.”

* Many of his former teammates believe Kyle Korver is just Ashton Kutcher after stealing an NBA player’s ability, like the MonStars in Space Jam.

* Dwight Howard trumpets the conspiracy theory that the Titanic didn’t really sink, stating, “DiCaprio wasn’t even alive back then.”

* Former Knick Charles Oakley has this insane notion he should be allowed to purchase a ticket and sit at a Knicks game after criticizing the team. 

* This one isn’t a conspiracy theory, but now any time Kevin Durant sees anyone enjoying a cupcake he takes it as a personal insult.

* DeMarcus Cousins thinks all bagels are just week-old, repurposed donuts.

* Along with being the greatest team ever assembled, the Dream Team to a man are all convinced we’re all simulations living inside a Matrix.

* Don’t tell Pacers’ guard Rodney Stuckey that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. He’s certain JFK was killed by the American mafia and he’s made the YouTube videos to prove it.

* Knicks fans have this crazy, wackadoodle theory that their team’s management has no idea what they’re doing.


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