The Greatest Moment of My Life

It was a few years back. I was scrolling through Netflix. I saw two options, directly next to each other.

The first? The 2014 horror film The Babadook. I don’t watch horror movies often, and wouldn’t watch this one, but the good reviews it had received intrigued me.

The second? The 2015 British visual comedy series Pompidou.

I ended up watching neither of these. But the greatest moment of my life was when I thought to myself, “Babadook or Pompidou?”

I can’t think of a more fun phrase to say or think of. “Babadook or Pompidou?” Say it out loud as you’re reading this and try not to laugh. I’ll wait.

It’s such a fun turn of phrase, whenever I’m now faced with a decision in my life I don’t flip a coin. I assign one option with the word “Babadook” and another with the word “Pompidou.” Should I Babadook (renew my lease at my current place) or Pompidou (look for a new apartment)? No matter what I’m going through, one choice will always emerge using the “Babadook/Pompidou” method. “You know what, on this one…I gotta go Pompidou. Pompidou all the way.”

Try it yourself. Don’t waste time laboring over tough decisions. Just ask yourself “Babadook or Pompidou?” and go with your gut.


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