One Reason I Bet A Lot of People Get Excited to Have Their Face on a Subway Poster

I’m sure there’s a lot of great reasons to be on a subway poster. Maybe you’re being paid to model a product. Maybe you’re in a hit TV show or movie. Maybe you’re the face of a new ad campaign.

All those are worthy reasons to be excited. But I bet there’s one reason a lot of people get excited for the opportunity.

I bet it’s great if you ever wondered what your face looks like with a dick drawn on it.

I’ve never personally wondered that, but I’m sure someone has. If so, and they did get on a subway poster…what a relief, right? They can rest easy knowing for sure what they look like with a crudely drawn dick scribbled onto their face. They’d probably tell their families about it, even:

“Yeah, this just solves so many problems for me. Before this, I thought I was going to go out and get a tattoo of a crudely drawn dick on my face to answer that nagging question. Now? Thanks to some New York City ragamuffins, I’ll be forced to do no such thing. Now onto my next goal: finding out how I look with one tooth blacked out and the words, “I’LL BLOW ANYONE FOR CASH” drawn on my forehead.”

Gotta give it up for New York’s spray painters. They’re saving successful people who wondered what their faces looked like with a dick on it lots of tattoo fees.


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