Always Consult Your Neighbors When Investing in a Security System

I don’t talk to our neighbor much. Nothing against him, we just don’t socialize. We do the “How you doin?” and nod exchange, and that’s about it. He likes to play music loud at times, which doesn’t bother me. Though I do question his choices sometimes. Kool and the Gang? I’m down with that. Ja Rule followed by Vanessa Carlton? Now I want to interview you to get to the bottom of what makes you tick.

The point is I have no issues with the man. However I recently noticed he has an ADT sign on his door, meaning his place is monitored, or secured, or whatever by the ADT security system. I have no idea how that works as my security system is a Louisville slugger and me screaming, “You wanna get crazy, let’s get crazy!” at whoever breaks in.

Here’s my issue with him having ADT: we live on the fourth floor of a walkup. If a criminal goes to the trouble of walking up four flights of stairs to rob my man’s place, and sees the ADT sign….now he’s DEFINITELY robbing me, right? He came all that way. Plus now he’s out of breath so he physically might not be ABLE to rob anyone else. It’s the ultimate, “Well, I’m here…” moment.

I don’t have a problem with the guy securing his stuff. But couldn’t you have grabbed an extra ADT sticker for me? That way I can just throw it up and make everyone believe my place is as secure. It’s almost like he’s passive aggressively directing thieves towards my stuff. What’s next, a sign that reads, “And not for nothing, but the people in 4E have an AMAZING flat screen. Don’t sleep on that Macbook Pro either, it’s right by the window closest to the fire escape making for an easy getaway.”

The main takeaway is it should be common courtesy for neighbors to coordinate on security. And to my neighbor, if you’re reading this: seriously man, Ja Rule and Vanessa Carlton, back to back? What were your top ten albums in high school? Your musical choices mystify me.


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