I’m Working on a New Character

I’m working on a new character. I don’t usually do characters in my act but I think this one may have legs. It’s called…

“Lead Singer of Sister Hazel as a Political Analyst.”

Here’s a transcript of a bit I’m working on

“What are the geopolitical impacts of the U.S. presidential election on the rest of the world? Well, it’s hard to say. I’d say that…it’s hard to say…damn it, I swore I wouldn’t do this….it’s uh, it’s hard…it’s hard…it’s HARD TO SAY what it is I see in you, wonder if I’ll always be with you, words can’t say, I can’t do, enough to prove it’s allllllll for you.”

You know what Wolf, let me just do the whole thing. Let me just start the song from the beginning. Yeah, I’m OCD like that, any time I start it mid-verse I have to complete it so…finally I figured out but it took a long long time. Oh now there’s a turnabout, maybe because I’m ah-tryin. There’s been time (I have one of my friends offstage say, “I’m so confused,”) well all my roads (same friend says, “Well they lead to youuuu,”), just can’t turn and walk awaaaaaaay…..”

Then I pretty much just sing the rest of the song.  Anyway, watch for that onstage in 2017. Sister Hazel Lead Singer as a Political Analyst.


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