Great Moments in Presidential Inauguration History


I’m a bit of a history buff, so as a new U.S. president is sworn in I thought I’d look back at some other notable inaugural moments.

1789: Since there was no established process, the ceremony was just George Washington showing up and loudly saying, “I am now the president. This ceremony is over.”

1825: After being sworn in, John Quincy Adams tells the gathered throng of Americans: “Buckle up, America. Because unlike the first Adams’ presidency, THIS Adams administration is fixing to get a whole lot….Quincier.”

1837: Martin Van Buren becomes the nation’s first and only three-named president at least until the 2024 election of Andrew “Dice” Clay.

1841: Electing not to wear an overcoat on this cold day, William Henry Harrison caught a cold that would later claim his life. Historians also note Harrison was shirtless, screaming at the heavens that, “Now that I am president, I am above natural law! You hear me, God! I don’t care how cold I get, I am NOT catching a cold!”

1861: Abraham Lincoln kicks off his presidency by telling the American people, “Let’s just try to get through these next few years without a lot of fuss, okay?”

1901: Set to prove he’s the toughest man ever elected president, Teddy Roosevelt spends the first ten minutes of his ceremony eating three servings of Applebee’s Triple Hog Dare Ya, which was actually around back then so don’t double check me on this.

1923: Calvin Coolidge lets the public know he plans to shorten his last name to a much more managable “Coolidge,” from his original last name, “Coolio-idge.”

1953: First inauguration with tickets sold on StubHub.

1961:  JFK thanks his adoring crowd and points out several women in the crowd he’d like to bang to his nearby aide. He also asks, “My mic isn’t on yet, is it?”

1981: A majestic bald eagle flew over the proceedings, prompting many in the crowd to chant U-S-A. The chant ended soon after though, when the eagle took a dump on them.

2017: As Donald Trump is sworn in, we all wake up to realize it’s still the summer of 2015.


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