“Everyone You Meet is Jesus in Disguise”


Mother Teresa once said “Every person you meet is Jesus in disguise.” I was reminded of that quote recently. What a profound statement. It always causes me to pause a moment to reflect, after which a few thoughts cross my mind:

1) Is Jesus watching over us as a silent protector…or is life some sort of sting operation?  Because it sounds less like an spiritual guardian and more like a cop on an undercover mission. Can you imagine some poor businessman visiting a prostitute, only to have the bearded woman pull off her blonde wig right before they consummate and yelling, “Freeze, slimebag! This is Jesus Christ, and you’ve been caught in a sin. Your punishment…you’re going to Hell.” Then Jesus just walks out of the hotel room, still in the dress, leaving the bareass businessman to wonder what the hell just happened.

2) Wait, is he the son of God or Mrs. Doubtfire? Does Jesus really need a disguise? Can’t he just take the form of anyone else he wants to? If some weary traveler asks me to stay at my place for the night and I say no, is there a chance he’ll rip off a really obvious fake nose and go, “Ha! I was Jesus the whole time! I was testing you to see if you’d be nice to me!” I try to save face and say, “Oh my bad, you want to stay here?” He says, “Nope, too late. Your punishment? You’re going to Hell.” Then he flips me off and says, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a horny businessman to trick into thinking I’m a whore. Good evening.”

3) If everyone I’ve ever met really has been Jesus in disguse, I’ve got to say…what a chameleon, huh? He really gives Daniel Day-Lewis a run for his money.

4) If ‘d known everybody was Jesus this whole time, I would have been tipping at least 30% on all restaurant checks. I feel like you die for all our sins, the least I can do is bump it up a little from 20.

4) Again, if it is true, I don’t think I can include any lower case t’s in any emails or letters anymore. Probably brings up too many bad memories for the guy.


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