The Top 10 Months of 2016

Top 10 Months of 2016 (2).png

Forget all those other year end “Best Of” lists. This is the only one you need to read. I give you my Top 10 Months of 2016:

Christmas presents and cookies. What’s not to like?

Not too hot, not too cold. Nothing beats May weather.

Or as I like to call it, “Slightly Colder But Still Pleasant” May.

The ugliness of 2016’s divisive presidential election was buoyed by me finding $20 on the ground outside my apartment on November 20th.

December 2015
While not technically falling within the boundaries of what most consider 2016, it’s close enough and has enough cool stuff (see note above about presents and cookies) that I’m  going to allow it.

Pretty Much Any Month In Which I Ate Cookies
The cookie thing I brought up earlier just got me thinking: how good are cookies, man? Isn’t any month in which you enjoy a cookie a great month? The only tough question is which cookies are the best? How would you rank em?

Chocolate Chip
It will come to a surprise as no one that chocolate chip comes in first on my Annual “Top 10 Cookies of the Year” list. A timeless classic, nothing goes better with a glass of mi…wait a second, my bad. I got distracted by the cookie thing there, forgot what this list was about.

La La Land
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s whimsical performances and winning chemistry combine to create the sleeper hit of 2016. The only question is: now that it’s come in third on my list of Best Films of 2016, will it garner an Oscar nom…damn it! I did it again! What the hell this list about? Months, right?

Um, there’s a lot of college basketball played then. It rained a little though, so maybe it wasn’t that great. And a cold snap hit around the 15th. The more I think about it, all the months are kind of the same. I’ve lost interest in this effort.

The Experience of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone Inviting You to Enjoy a Plate of Chocolate Chip Cookies With Them, Somehow Converted Into a Month
They’re the Hollywood duo with the best onscreen chemistry. It’s the most popular cookie (winning “Best Cookie” Award in my year-end awards for 2016). It stands to reason that if these two likable, talented actors invited you to eat a plate chocolate chip cookies with them, and that event was somehow turned into the unit of time known as a month, it would be the best month hands down. With that, I contend we add a 13th month to the calendar, after December: GoslingStoneEatingCookiesWithYoutober. Rolls off the tongue, no?

That’s it for this year’s list. Check back in December 2017 to see if your favorite month won. Here’s hoping you have a happy new year!

Honorable Mention: August (my birthday), February (ate the most cookies per day of any month)


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