Here’s Why Asking Starbucks to Write “Donald Trump” On Your Cup Was A Stupid Way to Protest

First of all, let’s all agree: it’s not a protest. That much is painfully clear. But more importantly, what point are you really making? Congratulations, you just proved…Starbucks baristas know how to spell Donald Trump? Someone working a thankless job for small wages has been proven to be functionally literate…why to stick it to the liberal elite!

Ask a barista to write Donald Trump on your cup, you’re only accomplishing two things:

1) You’ll get to hear the name ‘Donald Trump’ yelled at Starbucks. In which case you better hope the real Trump isn’t there at the same time, otherwise he’s walking away with your latte unquestioned.

2) That barista’s spitting in your coffee. It’s probably not even a conservative vs. liberal thing. It’s a douche vs. non-douche thing.

You really want to protest Starbucks? Tell the barista your name is, “Starbucks is Secretly Funded By Donald Trump.” That’ll get some people thinking!

Also pay for your coffee with counterfeit money. Otherwise they’re just getting real money and benefitting from your visit.


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