I’d Like To Have a Talk With Whoever Awarded Pabst That Blue Ribbon

I used to drink PBR, but then I grew up and got a job. One thing about PBR that always tripped me up was how it has “Blue Ribbon” in the name. I don’t know who gives out beer awards, but presumably someone awarded that blue ribbon to the good people at Pabst.

My question: did the people who awarded Pabst that blue ribbon ever actually taste any other beers?

Who else was in the contest? Was it other beers, or just like…any liquid? “Congratulations to our first place finisher and winner of the Blue Ribbon, Pabst! You may now add the words ‘blue ribbon’ to your name. Congratulations to the runner up: 2 week old room temperate apple juice that’s been allowed to ferment! Also honorable mention goes to crude oil. I’m being told there are samples available in the lobby of Crude Oil Red Ribbon, everyone enjoy.


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