The Pros and Cons of Having a Bar With A Firepit

Went to a bar with a fire pit a few nights ago. The thing I don’t get about it is: who thought these two things together would be a good combination? “So our primary goal is to get people liquored up. What else should we have here?”

“An open flame?”

“Yes! Make sure we don’t put guardrails around it, we want the drunks stumbling directly into it.”

As dangerous as it sounds, it could also be a good way to save a date going bad. Conversation going poorly, fellas? Just flip those shoes off and walk across those hot coals. Either she’ll be really impressed or she’ll get freaked out and bolt out, leaving you to high five and drink with the other patrons who are probably liking it (I don’t know man, WE thought it was cool.”)

The bottom line is if  you can get to a bar with a fire pit, I highly recommend it. There’s nothing that says “exciting night of fun” quite like the possibility of third degree burns.


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