We Just Saw A Movie: Nine Lives


“What is, in this universe…what do souls do? When you’ve been shitty to your family, your soul might go to an animal. That’s all we know so far. Other than that, we have no way of knowing where it is or what’s happening.”

We saw Nine Lives, starring Christopher Walken and the voice of Kevin Spacey as a  man trapped in the body of a cat. You get to hear Christopher Walken answer a question by saying, “Of course. I’m a cat whisperer. It’s what I do” which is the most entertaining part of the film. We talk about the trailers for a trio of upcoming animated films. We also discuss a pair of teenagers in the theater with us who left before the movie, apparently disappointed they wouldn’t be able to hook up. Plus we engage in a very spirited debate over whether or not Mark Hamill is a good actor. Mike questions Elizabeth’s assertion that Hamill’s performance as Luke Skywalker is just him playing himself.

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