We Just Saw A Movie: Sausage Party

“The whole time we were there I was thinking, ‘At least I’m supporting animation?'”

Remember in college when you went to a party with a lot of dudes, and some clever satirist would remark, “Man, this is a real sausage party”? Well, Seth Rogen used that as a springboard to make an entire cartoon movie. Sausage Partyis Rogen’s new animated comedy, and it left us with mixed feelings. Mixed as in, “Is it very bad, or just bad?” (Spoiler: very bad) We also dive into some trailer talk: Mike thinksDoctor Strange will be when “Marvel fatigue” starts to set in and Elizabeth asks a bunch of questions about the Resident Evil series Mike is unable to answer. Plus Mike vents about idiots who show up late to a crowded movie in a large group but still insist on going to the top of the stadium seating to see if they can get seats together. You want good seats for all 18 of you? Get there at a reasonable time, not 10 minutes into the first act.

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