We Just Saw A Movie: Nerve


Are you a player or a watcher? This week we saw the new Dave Franco/Emma Roberts social media thriller Nerve. Listen to our latest episode below:

It was pretty solid. We start off with a little back and forth over our podcast intros which dovetails into a heated argument over our rating styles Elizabeth accuses Mike of grading on a “logarithmic scale.” While that may be true, Mike was unable to agree as that word was way too big for him to understand. But we both liked Nerve and had fun talking about how it succeeded as a great popcorn movie but didn’t quite knock it out of the park with some of the bigger themes it was trying to get across. We talk about the trailer for Rogue One, with Mike commenting on some of the Internet rumors he’s heard about the production. We also talk about the trailer for The Blair Witch, which scared the crap out of Elizabeth and sorta confused Mike.

Also, if here are any movies you’d like to hear us review, let me know in the comments and we’d be happy to review them. It can be on Netflix, HBO, silent film, in theaters right now, whatever. There isn’t a movie we won’t watch for you, our loyal listeners.

If you think hearing my voice was cool, wait til you try reading my words.


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