The Time Men’s Humor Stole Our Content (aka We’ve Made It!)

If you’ve never heard of Men’s Humor, they’re basically an Internet content farm of “funny” material. Memes, pictures, videos. None of which (presumably) have been created by them. Before you think I’m throwing around this accusation casually, they’ve been caught stealing before. They have 8.5 million fans on Facebook with 3.5 million followers on Twitter. Most of it barely qualifies as “humor.”

Along with my boy Adam Dodd, I independently produce a sketch comedy series known as The Adam and Mike Show. Recently, Men’s Humor grabbed a still image from one of our sketches off Funny or Die entitled “Pregnant Man,” and made it to use an unfunny meme. See below:


The guy listening to the stomach is Adam, the unseen pregnant person is me. Here’s my problem with this: I don’t even get the joke they made. Are they just saying it’s a fat guy who just ate a burrito? Why is that funny? The prop we used for my “baby” was one of our buddy Sean Flint’s throw pillows. It in no way resembles a burrito. If your meme needs another layer of explanation, it’s a failure. Although as of press time it has over 1.1K likes on Facebook with 146 shares, so I guess they accomplished their mission. Congratulations, you’ve appealed to the mouth breathers who find your “joke” to be “humorous.”

A friend of Adam’s saw this on Facebook and commented, tagging Adam, who then called me to let me know. I immediately posted a link to the sketch in the comments. Then I read (regrettably) read through the rest of the comment section. As always, never read the comments. Here was my “favorite:”


Surprising, right? Who would have thought a grown man using Snapchat’s dog face filter would say something stupid?

I don’t know who should be more offended, me for him thinking I’m that fat or Latino women? Oh wait, I know. It’s Latino women. What would possess someone to observe a meme, have the thought, “That person may be a Hispanic woman, who I believe to all have hairy arms due to my narrow world view” and then go on to think, “I should share this thought with other people.” Tell me, Sisto Felix, in what way are you, or the world, better off for pointing out that you think Latino women have hairy arms? Who’s going to see that and think, “Man, this Sisto Felix guy is really speaking truth to power! Before he pointed that out I didn’t even know that was a stereotype. I respect that guy a lot now for that asinine comment.”

Happy ending to this though: a bunch of Adam and Mike Show fans complained on their Facebook post, so they took it down. It’s still up on Twitter, though. So go over there and let them know they should give us credit!

Oh and by the way, here’s the sketch in question:


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