Purge Masks

purge masks

Check out the newest sketch from The Adam and Mike Show, “Purge Masks.” It’s a story about what happens when you come to The Purge unprepared (watch the sketch, then check out some notes about the production below):

Production Notes:

* The shoot itself was a lot of fun. However, the room we shot in was not well-ventilated, so it was sweltering. Positive: the sweat you saw on my forehead was genuine and I think added to my look of panic. Negative: I drenched two shirts.


* Buying and getting the props ready for this one was interesting. Adam collected most of the masks at a Party City down the street from our apartment. He also designed the Purge mask. How creepy did that thing look? One of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen was myself, in the mirror, wearing that. Gives me the jibblies just thinking about it.

* We got most of the weapons at a dollar store. The cashier definitely looked at us sideways when we asked her if the store had a saw, rope, and duct tape.

* Our director was Erik Nuenighoff, who was just awesome to work with. It was great having a talented director with a keen visual eye behind the camera, and I think it showed with our final product. This was definitely our most “cinematic” looking sketch, and most of the credit for that goes to Erik (along with Adam, who did a fantastic job editing). If you’re looking for someone to assist with your video project, I’d highly recommend hiring him as he’s professional, sharp, and all around just a great guy.

purge cast.jpg

* We credited them at the end of the sketch, but once again here’s a quick roll call of our hilarious cast, all comedians: Jake Young (Chewbacca), Travis Carl (Mario), Peter Muth (Captain America and Captain Hook), Courtney Fearrington (Guy With No Mask), and Jose Sanchez (the Naked Guy). We were definitely proud of the script and the jokes in it, but it’s hard to make it happen without funny, talented people to bring it to life.  These guys did a great job of that. Use those links I posted. Find them, follow them, become fans of their work.

* For anyone wondering: no, Jose wasn’t really naked.

* Last, but certainly not least, I’ve got to give credit to our lovely production assistant (and my girlfriend) Elizabeth, who was on hand to help us however we needed (holding the boom pole, subbing in for Adam during the read-through, moral support, pouring shots, etc.). We couldn’t have done it without her.

* Finally, outtakes. Check out our blooper reel. It’s long, but definitely, DEFINITELY stick around for the hilarious ending (hint: it involves Jose and a Big Gulp).

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