Hulk Hogan Is A Racist And We Should Have Seen It Coming

WWE cut ties with Hulk Hogan over an alleged “racist tirade” which included him using the n-word multiple times. This is shocking to many who considered the Hulkster an American hero. But should we be THAT surprised about this? I did a little digging and I found a transcript of an old promo from the Hulk, and it turns out he may have been this racist all along. This was from Wrestlemania VI:

MEAN GENE OKERLUND: Hulk Hogan, the greatest WWF champion of all time. The waiting’s over. Here we are at Wrestlemania VI where you’ll face the Ultimate Warrior.

HULK HOGAN: WELL YA KNOW SOMETHING MEAN GENE?!?! You don’t have to remind me and my Hulkamaniacs that we’re facing the Ultimate Challenge, brother! When I got to the airport, I was greeted by a sea of Hulkamaniacs, brother! It was just a glorious sea of amazing white faces, brother!

MEAN GENE: No doubt they’re excited, Hulk, but how have you prepared for the Warrior?

HULK: Nothing but positive vibes, Mean Gene! The power of Hulkamania and all the Hulkamaniacs have been running through my veins while I’ve been training hard!  I’ve been lifting weights, and sparring with black guys, who we all know are superior athletes though they’re inferior in other areas  –

MEAN GENE: Whoa whoa whoa, Hulk, you uh…you don’t mean that, come on! What else have you been doing to prepare?

HULK: Y’know something, Mean Gene? I’ve been saying my vitamins and eating my prayers to the one true Christian God, who is a white man with a flowing white beard.


HULK: I don’t care what they say, brother, Jesus wasn’t black.


HULK: AND Y’KNOW SOMETHING ELSE MEAN GENE? The Ultimate Warrior may be a great competitor, but no one can withstand the power of Hulkamania! Not even the Zionist pigs who control the media and the banks, and who perpetuate the lie of the Holoca-

MEAN GENE: Okay Hulk, I think we’re going to cut you off right there. There’s no room for that kind of racist garbage on our airwaves. Now back to the ring, where we’ve got Kamala taking on one of the Headshrinkers!


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