A List of Other Things Pope Francis is Cool With

Pope Francis (via Wikimedia Commons)Pope Francis has encouraged the Catholic church to help act against climate change. Along with his radical (for his church) views on LGBT acceptance, Pope Francis has proven time and time again to be much more progressive than his predecessors. I did a little research, and it turns out this Pope is more chill than you’d think. Here are some other things the Pope is cool with:

* Not reporting income to the IRS.

* Speeding, so long as it’s ’cause you have to pee.

* Eating your roommate’s stuff in the fridge even when it’s clearly labeled with his/her name.

* Twerk videos.

* Violence but only against people who post TV show spoilers on Facebook before others have had a chance to watch.

* The Fast and the Furious movies, which are, as he says, “Good for what they are.”

* He’s still not okay with condoms, because nothing feels as good as raw dogging some chick you just met, right fellas?!? Am I right?!?! Up top!

* Leaving under 15% on the tip if the service was bad.

* Strip clubs, but only the ones where they wear pasties over their nipples.

* Jaywalking. In fact, the Vatican actually advocated for jaywalking in a little-known 1967 edict that ended with, “What are ya, some kind of a pussy?”

* Cockfighting. Wait, is that…is that right? That can’t be…yep. Well I’ll be damned, here it is, clear as day: “I, Pope Francis, am 100% OK with cockfighting.” Huh. Well, what can I tell you guys? You gotta run before you can walk.


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