Easter Eggs in Thor: The Dark World

thorOne of the coolest aspects of the Marvel films are the Easter eggs that tie them together as a true cinematic universe. I’ve seen an advanced screening of Thor: The Dark World which opens in theaters everywhere tonight and like every Marvel film it is chock full of extras for eagle-eyed fans. Here are a few of them:

* Thor returns to New York City to help Luke Cage catch a cab.

* One scene shows the Agents of SHIELD handling a case only for Thor to show up, give them wedgies, and say, “I got this, nerds.”

* In most of his scenes, Odin wears a Deadpool t-shirt.

* Sam Jackson plays a dual role as both Nick Fury, and in a repeat of his Stephen character from Django: Unchained, Nick’s older Uncle Tom Fury.

* In a nod to the Battle of New York in The Avengers, Jane Foster buys a pack of gum from a bodega run by a Chitauri who decided to stay and make a life in Queens.

* In the first post-credits scene, Clark Gregg shows up out-0f-character to openly beg Marvel fans to watch Agents of SHIELD.

* Although their likenesses do not make an appearance to avoid a lawsuit, Batman and Superman are mentioned when Captain America makes a cameo coming out of a room saying, “Well, I certainly just had fun beating up Batman and Superman.”

* Unable to think of a clever way to sneak him into the film, the producers rush Ant-Man on screen at the thirty minute mark to have him say, “Hey. I’m Ant-Man,” and then leave.

* Thor and Jane Foster spend much of the second act watching Iron Man 3 on Bluray. Afterwards, Thor says, “So wait a minute, Jane: you’re telling me we can own this film on Bluray or DVD? And it’s at retailers everywhere like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target?”

* The second post-credits scene is just the next Thor movie, titled 3 Thor, 3 Furious.


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