Problems with the Final Cut of World War Z

20130621-064154.jpgWorld War Z opens in theaters worldwide this weekend. According to multiple sources the film had an incredibly troubled production including rewrites during filming. After seeing the final product, here are some of the other issues:

*Weird narrative device where Brad Pitt frequently breaks the fourth wall to address the camera ala Zack Morris.

*The entire soundtrack? Love songs by Phil Collins.

* The boom mic is so clearly visible during every scene that at one point Pitt sarcastically turns to it and says,”So, do YOU have any idea how to kill these things?”

*It has nine endings like Lord of the Rings. One even has a bunch of Zombies jumping on a bed while a smiling Ian McKellen looks on.

*The first act is a rock opera, for some reason.

*In a stunningly racist move, the zombies are all Hispanic day laborers with zero CGI added.

*The plot device used to stop the female zombies is Pitt offering to have sex with them.

*After forgettting their lines, multiple characters openly consult the script on camera.

* Upon seeing the actress who plays his wife for the first time, Pitt makes a sour face and goes, “Ugh!” then shouts to someone off camera, “I’m boning Angelina Jolie over here, don’t you think I can do a little better than this?!?” After about an hour of them just sitting there awkwardly while crew members scramble in and out of the shot, the actress is replaced by Jessica Chastain. Pitt then smiles, claps excitedly, and exclaims, “Oooh yeah, Daddy like!” All of this makes it into the film.

* Halfway through there’s a jarring Bollywood-style dance number with the zombies being led by Pitt and an Indian actress who up until that point had not appeared in the film.

*The judges of America’s Got Talent provide running commentary, acting as the film’s Greek chorus.

*George Clooney cameos as Danny Ocean and they decide that if they can’t kill the zombies, they’re going to rob them for all they’re worth.

*The whole thing turns out to be a prequel to the video for Thriller.


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