Dominos Is Testing Pizza Delivery Drones

DomicopterDominos Pizza is testing a drone delivery program, where a small drone helicopter delivers pizzas in place of their usual human delivery service. Here are some of the initial reports of hiccups the program is facing so far:

* Delivery boys everywhere are planning a huge protest as soon as they get done huffing paint for three, maybe four hours.

* The Jewish drones keep insisting they’ll only serve kosher pizzas.

* Could face multiple hijackings if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ever become an actual thing.

* Despite being wowed by the advanced technology, customers are disappointed when they realize it’s still carrying Dominos.

* The drones admitted they’re only doing it until they save up enough for community college.

* After accidently bombing a Kurdish village during a test run, the CEO of Dominos released a commercial where he pledged, “Next time, we’ll get it right. And by get it right, I mean we’ll actually deliver pizzas instead of murdering people. Why did we even put guns on this thing?”

* If you thought “pizza boy” was a pathetic way to make a living, how about “guy who operates toy helicopter delivering pizzas?”

* Any time they break down they’ll have to take it to Radio Shack for repairs. We all know how depressing that place can be.

* Commercial drone flights are illegal in the U.S. until 2015. Since Dominos is not the U.S. government attempting to wipe out U.S. citizens without trial, they’re out of luck.

* Program may be scrapped when someone with common sense realizes America has declined to the point where we are now building robots to help us get fatter.


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