Behind the Scenes of Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark ThirtyKathryn Bigelow’s  film Zero Dark Thirty opens today in theaters nationwide. The controversial film covers the manhunt for Osama bin Laden. Before you see it, here’s some little known trivia about the film and its production:

* Production began before bin Laden’s death and had to be halted to account for real life events. If that wasn’t enough, to compete with Les Mis they had to re-shoot the whole damn thing as a musical.

* In an uncredited cameo, bin Laden is played by  impressionist Frank Caliendo.

* In order to get in character, Jessica Chastain waterboarded everyone she could get her hands on: her boyfriend, her friends, her mailman, her green grocer, her butcher, her maid, and character actor Paul Guilfoyle. She’s currently being sued by Guilfoyle and probably the other people once they recover from the waterboarding.

* Bin Laden himself was one of the film’s creative consultants.

* All the CIA operatives in the film openly talk about the fact that 9/11 was an inside job as if that’s common knowledge.

* Despite the grim tone, the producers still found opportunities for product placement: the CIA director wears one of those NASCAR jackets with the M&M logo on the back, all al Qaeda members have iPads, and right before he’s shot, bin Laden downs an ice cold Corona and imagines he’s on a sunny beach, hundreds of miles from his troubles.

* SEAL Team 6 was actually just six guys with no military training who happened to look like the singer Seal.

* In order to get her actors into the right frame of mind, Bigelow made the entire cast get in a time machine and go back to the World Trade Center on 9/11 right before the planes hit.

* Many Beltway insiders are questioning the film’s veracity, specifically the scene where the SEALs barge in on bin Laden having sex with a pie.

* Also, Eugene Levy played the SEAL Team 6 commander for some reason.

* SPOILER: During the film’s climactic raid, just when you think SEAL Team 6 is going to be overcome by al Qaeda, Batman shows up and absolutely dominates while that OOO-AH-AH-AH song plays.

* There’s already talks about a sequel in which an alcoholic bin Laden will openly weep over the fact that his bottle of malt liquor is finished. The title? One Light Forty.

* Part three of the trilogy will be called Two Even Lighter Fifty.


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