The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray Special Features

Batman BaneOn December 4, The Dark Knight Rises is being released on Blu-Ray. I’ve seen an advanced copy and here’s some cool trivia and easter eggs I found on the bonus features:  

* Interview with Liam Neeson reveals his role in the trilogy inspired him to open a League of Shadows-themed burger joint known as the Ra’s Al-Grill.

* To capture the feeling of utter despair and hopelessness, the sequences in Bane’s prison were filmed in Lindsay Lohan’s vagina.

* To prepare for the role of Robin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt spent six months wearing green tights and a mask. While it was uncomfortable, he cleaned up on the male prostitution circuit.

* In the documentary ‘Ello, I’m Alfred Pennyworth, each member of the cast attempts their best Michael Caine impression.

* Chris Nolan included an audio-recording of Morgan Freeman reading Insane Clown Posse lyrics just to show not everything Morgan Freeman says sounds reassuring.

* Tom Hardy’s inspiration for the Bane voice? The HELLOOOOO voice  Jerry and George did on Seinfeld when they were pretending to be that girl’s belly.

* In what represents the finest piece of acting ever, it turns out that Commissioner Gordon was played by Daniel Day-Lewis playing how he thought Commissioner Gordon would be played by Gary Oldman.

* SPOILER: Original ending at the Italian cafe called for Bruce and Selena to laugh with Alfred while they all pull out a pack of Mentos.

* Featurette called From the Desk of Batman has Christian Bale (wearing his Batman mask with a dress shirt and suspenders like Larry King) complaining about things he doesn’t like in society. Item number one? People who won’t let the Batmobile merge in traffic!

* The featurette Building a Blockbuster details the painstaking efforts of Chris Nolan’s team to make sure the trilogy was a success. It shows the casting process for Bruce Wayne, the initial designs of the Batcave, and talks about how Nolan plotted Heath Ledger’s demise to help generate buzz on The Dark Knight. It also…hold on a second, what was that last part?

* Every fifth box includes a crazed and starving bat.

* The prisoners in the Lazarus Pit are chanting deshi basara, Moroccan for rise. Other ideas for chants included ditzy baklava, dizzy marsala, mince meat ocelot, Pete & Pete docilely fought, rib beef bought a cot, and Christine take off your top.

* Deleted scene where Bruce wakes up next to Talia al Ghul with morning wood, only to smirk, look directly at the camera and say, “More like the Dick Knight Rises!”


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