Ten Things A Guy With The Name R.A. Dickey Should Be

At 37, Mets knuckleballer R.A. Dickey is an unlikely candidate to start the All Star Game for the National League, but this year he was MLB’s first ten game winner. The only problem? R.A. Dickey doesn’t sound like the name of a baseball player. Here are a few things that a guy named R.A. Dickey should be:

* 1930’s newspaper columnist

* Mock turtle magnate

* Male stripper. R.A. stands for Ripped Abs

* Lumberjack from the Pacific Northwest

* Fantasy novel author

* Texas oil man who wears a giant belt buckle and cowboy hat

* Civil War re-enactor

* Guy whose nemesis is D.A. Rickey

* Alan Rickman’s fatter younger brother (this one doesn’t make sense, but he does kind of look like that)

* Pro-wrestling jobber who doesn’t even have entrance music

* Gigolo. R.A. stands for registered assblaster


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