Anthony Weiner and the History of Lewd Photos

Yesterday, Rep. Anthony Weiner was gracious enough to admit that pictures posted to his Twitter account that looked exactly like him were actually him. However, this isn’t the first time someone in the public eye has been busted for sending lewd photographs. Today we take a look back at some of history’s most memorable:

1660: Irish scientist Robert Boyle and his assistant Robert Hooke developed the first forerunner to the camera, the portable “camera obscura.” Boyle then used the opportunity to declare his love for Hooke by sending him a very grainy image of Boyle doing a bicep curl with his shirt off while smirking.  

1781: While serving as ambassador to France, Benjamin Franklin delights the Parisian ladies by rendering hand drawn etchings of his chubby. For some reason, the baby-armed size member is wrapped in an American flag and has the face of Uncle Sam.

1893: To symbolize his complete ownage of his rival, Thomas Edison pastes a picture of his own naked self towering over a much smaller picture of Nikola Tesla in what is generally regarded to be the world’s first Photoshop.

1904: Still in law school and yet to achieve greatness, a young Franklin Delano Roosevelt snaps a photograph of his own junk and mails it to his sweetheart Eleanor. Eleanor is shocked, not because of the image itself, but because FDR’s plank is about half the size of hers.

1964: Rather than distribute it by clandestine measures, Yankee slugger Mickey Mantle takes out a full page ad in the New York Times featuring a picture of himself naked with the words, “Who wants a taste?” plastered underneath.

1981-2005: No evidence, but I’m assuming Ted Kennedy had to do something.

1984: An Apple programmer snaps a pic of his junk and emails it to his wife, marking the first time in history this has been done. She gets it four months later.

2005: On their reunion tour, Daryl Hall sends a picture of his nutsack to bandmate John Oates with the message, “Maybe they should call us BALL and Oates?!?”

2010: Football announcers often proclaim that Brett Favre is like “a little kid out there.” Jenn Sterger then proves that to be correct in every respect.

2010: Rep. Chris Lee responds to a woman’s Craig’s List ad with a shirtless pic of himself. Most of the confusion and uproar arises over the fact that the ad was for discounted flamenco lessons.  

2012: A week after Rep. Weiner takes an online course on Photoshop, a picture pops up on Andrew Breitbart’s Twitter feed of a shirtless Breitbart robbing a bank with a reincarnated Osama bin Laden.


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