5 Most Unlikely Good Songs to Work Out To

Like many people, I can’t get through a decent workout without some solid music to listen to. Like most people I prefer something with an edge to it (Eminem, Rage, Metallica, etc.), but every once in awhile it’s a good idea to keep your body and mind guessing with something a little different. Here are the 5 most unlikely (but good) songs to work out to:

Separate WaysJourney
Pretty much anything by Journey shouldn’t get you pumped to do anything, but this one surprisingly does. For some reason, every time I hear this I just picture myself getting personally trained by Steve Perry. But like, a really in-shape Steve Perry. And you’d be surprised how motivating Steve-Perry-with-Ivan-Drago’s-body can be.

How could you be so insane to think you could make it through 45 minutes on the elliptical machine? You’re not sure. But as Seal reminds you, you’re never going to survive unless….you get a little crazy. In a world full of exercise bikes, only some get to fly, is that not crazy?

Against All OddsPhil Collins
As unlikely as it is that you’ll be able to get through all the reps in your latest set of curls, you need to keep soldiering on. What better way to soldier than with good old Phil reminding you to keep pushing in the face of insurmountable obstacles? “Take a look at me now…as I try to lift this big weight…and you coming back to me and me finishing this set, is against the odds, that’s a chance I have to taaaaaaaaake.”

Set Adrift on Memory’s BlissP.M. Dawn
This is for your cool down. What better way to unwind after an intense session than with the cool island sound of P.M. Dawn? The guy on the treadmill next to you may be confused when you mumble about Christina Applegate putting you on, but don’t worry about that. Nothing gets your heart rate down like mangled Joni Mitchell lyrics.

Never Gonna Give You UpRick Astley
Here’s the best one. This one helps if you replace the actual lyrics for the song with pieces of your workout. Never gonna do a lat pull down, never gonna do a squat, never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna not stretch my legs, never gonna not wipe down my machine after using it, never gonna tell a lie, and hurt you. When you sing this, make sure you project your voice loudly, essentially RickRolling everyone in the gym.


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