Greatness featuring Nate Dogg

A hip-hop legend has passed away. Nate Dogg, who Bill Simmons famously compared to Robert Horry, never quite penerated the public conscious as a solo act. But as a complementary piece, he was invaluable. Tupac, Dre, Snoop, Mos Def…you name the influential rapper, and Nate Dogg provided the chorus on at least one of his tracks. Lots of headliners came and went in quick bursts, but Nate had a long, consistent career. He never quite broke through as a superstar, but as hip hop’s go-to role player, there was no one better.

It has been said that anything in life could be made better by adding the words, “…featuring Nate Dogg” to the end of it. To prove my theory, and to honor Nate, here’s a list of bad things in life that would be improved with a little Nate Dogg:

* A Twilight Marathon…featuring Nate Dogg

* An IRS Audit…featuring Nate Dogg

* Reading the Wikipedia Entry for 9/11…featuring Nate Dogg

* Being Stuck in I-95 Traffic During Rush Hour When You Really Have to Take a Leak…featuring Nate Dogg

* Tommy Wiseau’s The Roomfeaturing Nate Dogg

* Having to Eat Your Vegetables Before You Can Have Dessert…featuring Nate Dogg

* Scrapbooking….featuring Nate Dogg

* Most Country Music…featuring Nate Dogg

* Listening to the Really Annoying Guy at Work Describe the Dream He Had Last Night…featuring Nate Dogg

* Wait a Second! This Girl Looks Nothing Like Her Photo on…featuring Nate Dogg

* The Holocaust…featuring Nate Dogg

* Dropping the Last Bite of Your Candy Bar Before You Get a Chance to Eat It…featuring Nate Dogg

* Being On the Business End of a Miguel Cotto Haymaker…featuring Nate Dogg

* And finally…Going to the DMV to Get Your License Renewed Only to Find Out You Need to Get a Root Canal While You’re There…featuring Nate Dogg

You know, Nate once told us that he had ho’s in different area codes. Well, I don’t know what the area code for Heaven is, but I’m sure they’ll have a ho waiting for you.


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