The Best of Understated Stupidity

I made a post on Tuesday complaining about the service at a restaurant somewhere. It was done in the form of a letter I had actually sent which took the complaint to ridiculous lengths. A bunch of people who worked there complained, which was fine. When I responded in the comments late last night, I got one reply from a guy saying saying that he hoped I went back to the place and choked. So I took it down. I don’t want to be involved with anything generating that much negativity. This is intended to make people laugh, not get them bent out of shape. This is all just meant to be ridiculous. Also, to distract everyone, I’ve posted a picture of Lebron making a sick jam over the Lakers.

If you’re new to the site, I’ve decided to give everybody a taste of what I’m really about. I’m doing a best of post with some of my favorite posts from the last couple years. This is definitely not just because I’m too lazy to produce new content:

Carl Winslow and Danny Tanner. Everyone agrees they are two of the greatest TV dads ever.  But who would win in a fight?

When Fast & Furious came out, I wondered what Vin Diesel would have thought about the fourth installment’s name.

This lady wrote an article about great Autumn date ideas. I ridicule her here.

Way back from 2008, my review of the Dark Knight. What a disappointment.

I ran into Screech, the Washington Nationals mascot.

I ran into Screech, the former TV star.

The great Liam Neeson checked in with a particular set of words about the movie Taken.

If you go see the next Harry Potter in November, and you’re a dude, here’s how you do it.

And here’s one about Chewbacca.


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