Fun Facts About the New Cowboys Stadium

Did You Know…it is the largest domed-stadium in the world?

Did You Know…the $1.2 billion price tag makes it one of the most expensive sports facilities ever built?

Did You Know…outside the stadium there is a 9 foot tall bronze statue of former Cowboys coach Tom Landry?  

Did You Know…that the first man to ever kick a game winning field goal in the stadium was New York Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes, giving the Giants a 33-31 victory?

Did You Know…that stadium’s sole proprietor, the New York Giants, are one of the NFL’s oldest teams, having begun play all the way back in 1925? Why, that’s older than your grandpappy I’ll bet! 😉

Did You Know…Mario Manningham, the receiver who torched the Cowboys last night to the tune of 10 catches for 150 yards and a score, shares the same name as beloved Nintendo character Super Mario?

Did You Know…the forward pass, one of football’s most common strategic plays today, was popularized in the 1920’s by Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne? Unfortunately for  Tony Romo, whoever formulated the definition forgot to include the phrase “make sure you throw it to your team” somewhere in there.

Did You Know…that by the time 5:25 had expired in the first quarter of the stadium’s opening game, Dallas coach Wade Phillips’ inner monologue began to ruminate on his post game dinner plans?

Did You Know…as evidenced last night by the cheap shot trip of Justin Tuck by Flozell Adams and the pass interference on Steve Smith by Terence Newman, the Cowboys are apparently a bunch of goddamn, chicken shit cheaters?

Did You Know…the primary job of a football team’s quarterback is to complete passes to his own receivers, rather than to defensive backs opposing him?

Did You Know…the winning quarterback in the stadium’s first game, Eli Manning, led his team to a thrilling comeback victory in the waning moments of Super Bowl 42 over the previously undefeated New England Patriots? And that Manning dunks his junk in Tony Romo’s coffee?

Did You Know…the real person responsible for Lady Diana’s 1997 demise? Not the paparazzi. Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

Did You Know…owner Jerry Jones has commissioned a mural, to be placed at the front of the stadium, of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw giving Emmitt Smith a swirlie while Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora have a fun time with Emmitt’s wife in the background?

Did You Know…Jerry Jones’ morning ritual consists of him getting up, eating a ton of Cracklin’ Oat Bran with soy milk, taking a good long look at himself in his bathroom mirror, and crying for 25 minutes based on how much he hates the man staring back at him?

Did You Know…the real person responsible for Optimus Prime’s 1986 demise? Not Megatron. Cowboys running back Marion Barber.

Did You Know…after last night’s loss, the star in the middle of the field will be replaced next week with a picture of Tom Coughlin dressed like James Bond with his arms wrapped around Jerry Jones’ wife and daughter, respectively.

And finally, Did You Know…that after the devastating defeat last night, Wade ended up settling on an Arby’s roast beef and cheddar and feeling pretty good about that decision.


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