Madea Gets Appointed to the Supreme Court

Coming to theaters this fall, it’s the newest hit from director/actor Tyler Perry – the soon to be smash Madea Gets Appointed to the Supreme Court!

Barack Obama (Morris Chestnut) is a strong, proud black man and a father of 2 with a shrewish wife (Nia Long) who doesn’t love him anymore. When she leaves him for Barack’s more successful business colleague Joe Biden (a Baldwin), Barack is forced to move back in with his family, including matriarch Grandma Madea.

Barack’s family is a handful, and dealing with his brother (Morris Chestnut) sister (Mo’Nique) parents (James Earl Jones and Alfre Woodard) aunt (Mo’Nique again) cousin (pick a Wayans brother) nephew (Nick Cannon) and one wacky second cousin (Morris Chestnut) is all he can handle. But while Grandma Madea’s craziness gets Barack into his fair share of wacky situations, she also serves up a heaping helping of common sense. She even brokers a peace between Barack and his estranged brother, Tyrelle (Tyler Perry). Along the way Madea dishes advice, butt whuppings, and a little bit of tenderness. Not to mention countless scenes of large outdoor barbeques attended by seemingly hundreds of black family members wearing identical t-shirts.

Everything seems to be going well until Supreme Court Justice David Souter (Morris Chestnut) retires unexpectedly. It’s up to Barack to name a new justice, and when his wife challenges his manhood on the floor the Senate, he surprises everyone by naming Madea to the empty seat. While he is ridiculed at first by his vice president, secretary of state, and the media (Morris Chestnut), America soon comes to love this opinionated, sassy, proud black woman, even though her rulings are largely incoherent and she knows nothing about the law. For instance, in the case of Stevenson vs. The State of Nevada, a landmark trial in which stem cell research is called into question, she rules in favor of the defendants’ “getting Grandma Madea’s foot stuck up yo ass.” It is an amazing film, and it culminates in a heartwarming finale, as Barack reconnects with his college sweetheart and realizes she is his one true love. By the way, she is played by Morris Chestnut in a wig.

Come check out the side-splitting comedy that will be sure to leave all people rolling in the aisles with laughter, and by all people we mean people who really enjoy bad writing. Stay for the twist ending, where Tyler Perry reveals that not only is Madea a costume, but his identity of Tyler Perry is also a ruse. He unzips his face to reveal that he is in fact Morris Chestnut.


2 thoughts on “Madea Gets Appointed to the Supreme Court

  1. I hope the sequel digs up such amazing talent as Chris Tucker, Angela Bassett, and Brandy Norwood reprising her role as Moesha!

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