10 Movie Quotes

A popular note floating around Facebook is the 10 Movie Quote game, where you can post quotes from films and see how many people can identify those quotes without Googling them. See how many you can get from some of my favorite movies. Bet you can’t get them all:

1) Luke….I am your father.

2) Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

3) Forrest Gump, we salute you.

4) Somebody get me the Ghostbusters!

5) I’m Batman.

6) Speaking of my expert knowledge of terrorism based on my extensive experience as a chef, if we can’t get these terrorists off this train, I’m afraid we’ll be Under Siege, too.

7) Caucasian men seem to have a harder time levitating high in the air during basketball games.

8) Don’t you die on me Riggs! Don’t you die on me! Don’t you let those South African criminals get the best of you, Martin Riggs! I’m going to need you for Lethal Weapon 3!

9. Hey Schindler! I’m about to go grocery shopping, what’s a good way to remember everything I’ll need when I get there?

10.) This is Ben Affleck. Thank you for staying for the entire end credits of Gigli. I realize that not many would do that. On behalf of all the cast, crew, and filmmakers, I’d like to apologize. Now, to atone for our horrible film, a really muscular guy who knows kung fu will beat up me and J-Lo. Good day.

First one to name all ten gets $10. Good luck and get going!


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