25 Random Things About Me

If you’re a Facebook user, at this point you’ve been tagged in a chain note going around entitled 25 Random Things About Me. You’re prompted to fill out 25 random facts about yourself and send them to 25 more people. At first I ignored it, but now that I’ve been inundated with requests for more info on the minutiae that makes up my life, I’ve decided to fill it out and send it along to you. Enjoy:

25. I was born in Brooklyn, New York.

24. Parents are named Rose and Mario.

23. I attended Xavierian High School.

22. Sat next to Margaret Thatcher at Ronald Reagan’s funeral. Whispered to her that “President Reagan made me proud to be an American. Today, I feel sadness.”

21. I’ve acted since I was child, along with my other siblings and my cousin, Jimmy.

20. Dated so many Playmates that a spokesman for Playboy had to call and tell me to “slow down.”

19. Married my longtime girlfriend Renee in December of 2007.

18. I co-wrote the screenplay for a 2001 indie film entitled Italian Ties, about friends who kidnap their emotionally distant fathers for a weekend of male bonding. It won several awards.

17. When I was very young, starred in the made-for-TV drama The Boy Who Drank Too Much with Lance Kerwin.

16. About three years ago, I hired a life coach to help me better manage my personal and professional life.

15. Born on the same day as actresses Bonnie Hunt and Catherine Oxenberg.

14. My daughter Bailey was born on November 2, 2007, and she is the apple of my eye.

13. Ranked #16 in TV Guide’s List of Top 25 Teen Idols.

12. Both of my parents emigrated to America from Italy. I am a first generation American.

11. My favorite show of all time is Charles in Charge.

10. In 1997, a rumor went around that I was killed in a car crash (!) Luckily, it wasn’t true.

9. Every night I thank God that Henry Winkler has a sofa bed.

8. Willie Aames is number 4 on my speed dial.

7. Coined the phrase Baio-rific.

6. I’ve dated Pamela Anderson, Brooke Shields, Nicole Eggert, and Erin Moran, the lady who played Joanie on Happy Days.

5. Played a college student hired as a nanny for a rich family on the hit 80’s sitcom Charles in Charge.

4. Brother of actor Steven Baio.

3. Frequently cast alongside Willie Aames.

2. My breakout role was as Arthur Fonzarelli’s cousin Chachi on the hit show Happy Days.

1. In 2007, I starred in the reality TV series Scott Baio is 45….and Single.

Wait a second….I messed up. Turns out those aren’t 25 Random Things About Me. That’s actually 25 Random Things About Scott Baio.


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