ChristBlog: The Virtue of Forgiveness

From time to time, our Lord and savior Jesus Christ likes to check in and dispense some heavenly wisdom onto all of us mortals. In today’s ChristBlog, J.C. writes about a quality that seems lost in society today: forgiveness. He reminds us that letting go of petty grudges allows us to feel a sense of inner peace and happiness. Take it away, Jesus:

Greetings, my sons. You know, it is easy to cry foul when one has been wronged. It is easy to vow revenge. It is easy to let spite consume one’s soul. But ultimately, is it healthy? How does it benefit you? At the end of the day, you are left with your vengeance, but the anger you feel has not subsided. I urge all of you, the next time you are feeling slighted or insulted, to give forgiveness a chance. It is the enlightened soul who can look upon his wayward brother and bestow his forgiveness upon him. You will walk away with a cleansed mind, body, and soul, and will be all the stronger for it.

I was overlooking a Comic Con in upstate New York this past weekend. Several of my sons, dressed in long, black trenchcoats and thick glasses, were gathered at a Sbarros outside the convention center, debating on the merit of various characters from the Star Wars universe. It displeased my ear to hear the disparaging remarks of one individual when he said, “I know I would never trust that wretched turncoat [Lando] Calrissian.”

He is speaking, of course, of Lando Calrissian’s betrayal of Han Solo and Leia Organa in The Empire Strikes Back. This is a good example of someone who has not learned how to forgive. Maybe it feels good for this young man to hold onto his anger, but it is getting him nowhere. By harboring this awful hatred in his heart, he is poisoning his soul. He needs to accept the fact that an injustice has occurred, forgive Lando, and move on.

Besides, you could argue that Lando didn’t really betray anyone. I mean, Vader shows up at his door, with a shitload of storm troopers and Boba Fett in tow, and he’s supposed to turn them away? No chance. How can you be angry with him? He couldn’t risk the safety of Cloud City. Plus there’s no way the Empire would have spared his life. According to the original parameters of the deal Lando struck with Vader, Han, Chewie, and Leia were just bait for Luke Skywalker. Now, I understand he was boning Luke on this one, but Lando didn’t know Luke from Adam at this point. Luke was just a name. No offense or anything, but if you can’t understand that, I’m beginning to think you’re just some dunce who doesn’t know his Star Wars.

Lando wasn’t doing this for profit; he was clearly being forced. The Empire had its hold on the entire galaxy. You can’t hate on the man for falling under their grip. Seriously, random nerd who may get a lightning bolt up his ass later today: you need to chill and accept the fact that Lando was a decent guy.

Think about this for a second: what happened when Vader altered the deal, my greasy-haired, acne-having friend? Lando took action. He got Chewie and the princess out of there safe, and he did his best to save Han. Really, if you don’t see that Lando was just doing his best under trying circumstances, then you’re just a cold-hearted prick. Oh, okay, little man, I get it: he should have stuck to his guns and told Vader to fuck off. Well, I’d like to see you be so bold when the most fearsome man in the galaxy come knocking at your doorstep. Or, excuse me, your mother’s doorstep. ‘Cause God knows you haven’t moved out of your parents’ house, you limp-dick-having virgin.

If you thought that was offensive, though, this huge dork went onto say that Admiral Ackbar putting Calrissian in charge of the assault on the Death Star was a “questionable tactical decision.” Bullshit! I just about spit all my wine back into my goblet. I oughta make an army of gorillas come to his job and attack him. Your argument holds up until you realize that the assault was successful! You’re questioning a move that was already proven to work. I couldn’t believe it. Say what you want about Lando, but his credentials are unquestionable. Who are you going to put in charge? Wedge? Wedge?!?! Really?!? Last time I checked, Wedge was nothing but a fighter pilot. A damn good one, but a just fighter pilot. He never led an army into battle. Check Lando’s resume: the Battle of Tanaab didn’t win itself, fagtron.

After he was done verbally assaulting Lando, no doubt because he was black, he left his garbage-filled tray at his table as he exited Sbarros. I should have known this buttplug would litter. Fits with the rest of his personality. Man, I realize that some fast food restaurants don’t mind if you leave your stuff on the table, but come on. The trash can is right there.

Whatever. Enjoy that piano that falls on your head next week, you piece of shit.


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