WPGC – Where Sarah Palin Forces Dogs to Fight

I’m listening to WPGC 95.5 out of D.C. the other day when I hear this on a commercial:

What do Michael Vick, John McCain, O.J. Simpson, and Sarah Palin all have in common? They all lost because they didn’t listen to WPGC!

I have a litany of problems with this.

I guess what they’re trying to say is that McCain and Palin didn’t appeal to the black voter enough, although it’s pretty insulting to insinuate that all, or even a majority, of black voters listen to PGC. Even so, listening to top 40 bullshit masquerading as true hip hop hardly would have put McCain and Palin in touch with the needs of black voters. I know how we can fix the economy -having sex with lady cops! Thanks, Weezy!

It’s also irresponsible to compare McCain and Palin to a people murderer and a dog murderer. Say what you want about McCain, but he’s done a lot for the country. You can hate his politics, or the campaign he ran, but he is not as bad as either of those guys. He left his first wife; he didn’t kill her. I’m also going to go out on a limb here and guess that Sarah Palin never put a pit bull on a rape stand. I could be wrong.

It seems like WPGC is so happy that Obama won that they feel the need to slander his opponent for no reason after the fact. It’s the verbal equivalent of rubbing McCain’s nose in his own excrement. I think the ultimate point was to promote some giveaway or contest they were having. Again, unless Virginia and California start awarding electoral votes based on how many free t-shirts you have, I don’t think it would have made a difference.

That all leads me to my final point, which is actually my biggest problem with the commercial – what did not listening to WPGC have to do with O.J. and Vick losing? Does Big Tigger have a segment on his show warning people not to organize dog fights? Have you ever heard, “This is Donnie Simpson at ten past seven letting everyone know that if someone takes sports memorabilia you believe to be yours, don’t get a group together to steal it back from him with guns. Here’s T-Pain with his new single, Booty Assault.” Along with spinning records, I’m sure D.J. Flexx gives great legal advice. Maybe Vick and Juice would be walking free right now if they had just wanted to hear mostly awful music made by black people.

Great job, PGC. Keep on insulting people like Sarah Palin, a mother and wife, while supporting a statutory rapist.


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