I Don't Throw Interceptions. I Donate the Ball to the Other Team.

Hi. My name is Sean Glennon. I was named the starting quarterback for the Virginia Tech Hokies this week. A lot of fans had been clamoring for Tyrod Taylor to be under center this year. But I disagree, and allow me to offer a defense of my position.

It may be true that Tyrod Taylor is a superior athlete. It may be true that Tyrod Taylor is a more capable playmaker, both with his arms and his legs. And yes, it may be true that Tyrod Taylor doesn’t throw nearly as many interceptions as I do. And in that one flaw lies my ultimate strength.

I don’t throw interceptions. I donate the ball to the other team.

In this crazy world we live in, the Hokies need a field general with a sense of compassion for his fellow man. Someone with a heart of gold. Tyrod Taylor is a good guy, but can he be the ambassador of goodwill that this team really needs? Being a leader means giving up yourself. It means giving up your time. And sometimes, it means giving the ball up to the other team’s safety by throwing it directly into his hands, then hanging onto his legs in vain as he returns it for a touchdown.

What was it that the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future told Ebenezer Scrooge? Keep the spirit of Christmas alive in your heart – all year long! Well, that includes exercising that spirit on a crucial third and long when you’re trying to get into field goal range against Miami. So what if it costs our team the game? What is one loss on the football field compared with what the soul stands to gain? Nothing, I say!

So many members of the Virginia Tech student body choose to donate their time and money to worthy causes. United Way, Red Cross, March of Dimes. I try to follow their example. I donate to a little outfit I like to call ACC defensive backs. I give them the tools to find out how it feels to run around on an NCAA football field with an actual ACC game ball. I also teach them the life skill of knowing how to dodge oncoming offensive lineman and wide receivers desperately trying to tackle them. This won’t just help them on a football field…this will help them in life.

Look, the good Lord blessed me with two talents: the ability to throw the prettiest deep ball in Southwestern Virginia, and the ability to put the ball in the hands of the other team’s defenders with maddening consistency. I’ll be damned if I’m not going to do God’s work by using the gifts he gave me. So long as I’m able to wildly chuck the ball downfield and have it find cornerbacks like it’s full of iron and they’ve got magnet hands, well, I’m going to do it.

Every altruistic effort requires some sacrifice, and I feel that I must give until it hurts. And it will hurt – our team’s chances of winning. Did you see the LSU game last year? I played like I was 8.

So any of you Hokie fans out there who want Tyrod Taylor to start, I feel your pain. Tyrod is an exceptional athlete and also much better than me at playing football. But you need to discover something greater than a game, something greater than wins and losses. Discover the joy of giving. This holiday season, while you’re stuffing your selfish faces with turkey, I’ll be doing the work of Jesus at the Continental Tire Bowl. How, you ask? By turning the ball over like I’m shaving points. And trust me, at the end of all things, my soul is going to be a whole lot richer for it.


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