The Olympic Experience

I follow USA Basketball pretty closely, so a few months ago I wrote a letter to the U.S. Olympic Committee asking them if they’d let one of the USA Basketball players write a guest blog for me. They didn’t mind at all. I was lucky enough to get forward Chris Bosh’s thoughts on what it’s like to play on the world’s biggest stage:

Hey guys! China has been amazing! The opening ceremony was on point, and the people have been so hospitable. I feel like a rock star. I’m very pumped after last night’s win. The fans were so hyped for the game, and the Chinese team came prepared to play. Luckily, we were able to play pretty well and dominate in the second half leading to a blow-out victory.

Afterwards, everyone wanted to hang out around the hotel and party. Not me. I wanted to experience the culture of China, first hand. I ventured out into the city to have a little of what I like to call “Chris-Time!”

After lunch at Cinnabon, I decided to take in some local shops. One shop in particular caught my eye. It was a very small and cramped little store with lots of ancient oddities and knick knacks. The shopkeeper was very old and decrepit. On one of the shelves, there was a small, furry creature. He was adorable. He looked like one of those Furbies. I named him Dr. J, after my favorite basketball player of all time. The shopkeeper said he would sell me the little guy, on two conditions – 1)I couldn’t expose him to water, and 2)no feeding him after midnight. I crossed my fingers and agreed – hey, he was never going to see us again! – and went back to the hotel.

Well, I’m not afraid to tell you that me and Dr. J had an awesome time! We threw the tennis ball around my room, we played hide and go seek, and we built a fort with the couch cushions. Our playtime was so fun and intense that before I knew it, it was 12:34 in the morning. Not only that, but we had both completely skipped dinner. Before I tucked Dr. J into bed, I gave him an egg roll and some Gatorade, and we went to sleep.

I awoke early this morning to take him for a walk, and I can’t seem to find him. I’m sure he’s scurrying around the hotel somewhere exploring, curious guy that he is! But I know he’ll come back. Dr. J and I are best friends.

I have to run, everybody. I see that ESPN has an update on the exciting relay race the U.S. swimming team won, and I want to check it out. In fact, right now they’ve got a picture of Michael Phelps up on the screen, I wonder what….Oh God…it says that Michael Phelps has been eaten by a green beast.


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