It's Just that Jigga Bat, Harvey Dent, and B-U-N-B

I saw TDK last weekend. I’ll have a review up this weekend. It was mediocre at best.
Oh, who am I kidding? I’m naming my first kid Thedarkknight.
As I was watching it, I realized that the parallels between The Dark Knight and Jay Z’s Big Pimpin’ are uncanny. Let me count the ways:
* Both shows are stolen by virtuoso performances from geniuses taken before their time: Heath Ledger and Pimp C.

* Both feature a compelling protaganist who, while turning in an amazing performance and being the crux of the story/song, takes a backseat to supporting players for the good of the finished product. Also, in both cases said protaganist is an incredible pimp.

* Big Pimpin’ had a secretary named Rachel Dawes; The Dark Knight had a secretary named Ho Get Yo Ass In and Let’s Ri-i-i-i-ide

* Both are slathered with a generous topping of homoerotic overtones.

* The UGK hit Choppin’ Blades was actually inspired by Gary Oldman’s performance in The Fifth Element.

* Neither one can think of a realistic way to work the Penguin into the story.

* If you play Big Pimpin’ backwards, you can hear: “Man get that dude who directed Memento to overhaul the Batman franchise/That joint was tight!/Also, Mel Gibson’s son from the Patriot? Perfect for the Joker.”

* Both written by Chris Nolan’s brother Jonathan.

* Michael Caine plays Alfred in Chris Nolan’s Batman series; Caine also makes a miss-it-if-you-blink cameo in the video for Big Pimpin’. You can see him at the 2:02 mark over the left shoulder of Bun B.

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