Ladies Night

Come out to Brittany’s Restaurant in Woodbridge, Virginia tonight for Ladies Night! DJ Slumlord will be spinnin’ sick beats, and former US Representative to the UN John Bolton will be in the house!

No cover for ladies, and Mr. Bolton will give a lecture about his time as Undersecretary of State for Arms Control in 2001!

DJ Slumlord will be playing the best club party mix in the area – featuring reggaeton, go-go, and salsa. Also, per Mr. Bolton’s request, we will be playing ten minutes worth of the Oak Ridge Boys.

Oh yeah! Oak Ridgizzle!

Come join us as some of Woodbridge’s freakiest come out to let their freak flags fly – as well as listen to Mr. Bolton given an impassioned speech on yellowcake uranium. Can you dig it? Can you handle that shit, Weak-Sauce?

Mr. Bolton will be on hand to explain the U.N.’s shortcomings, as well as to tease and please the all the fine pheasants up in that bitch. Look at that face…YOU KNOW HOW JOHN BOLTON DO. JOHN BOLTON ALWAYS GO HOME WIT SUMTHIN’ TO POKE ON. Must be 18 to chill, 21 to spill.

Oh wait, is it Tuesday?

Nevermind, tonight Brittany’s has open mic comedy at 9PM.

My bad.


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