The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Heard

I worked at a movie theater for about five years during high school and summers home from college. In 2004, right before I was set to go back to school in August, Collateral came out. One Saturday, while I was working at the box office, a woman walked up to me and asked for this: “1 ticket to Jamie Foxx II.”

The fact that she referred to the film by the name of one of its stars rather than its actual title isn’t the worst part about it. In her universe, studios name the movies after their stars, and this was apparently the second in the Jamie Foxx continuum. What was Jamie Foxx I? Booty Call?

Or maybe she thought this was the second in the series of movies about Jamie Foxx’s life. The problem there is that everybody knows that once you get past the first sequel, its hard to keep the stars attached. “Man, Jamie Foxx III is gonna suck. It’s starring Bookeem Woodbine.”

“That sucks, man! Who’d they get to play Tommy Davidson?”

“Um, Tommy Davidson.”

More to come later this week; I’ll have a review of the newest comic book adapted for the big screen, Ed Norton 4.


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