Seafood and Iron Man

Hey ladies – like seafood? Want to see Iron Man? Well, you’re in luck. I’m proud to announce to you the Mike’s Blog Movie Trivia Challenge. Here’s how it works: I ask you three trivia questions – the first person to answer the most questions correctly wins an evening out with me, going to Long John Silver and seeing Iron Man. You really couldn’t ask for a better time out. How could you not be pumped to see Iron Man? And who doesn’t adore popcorn shrimp?

Contest rules:

1) You will pick me up by 5:30PM EST on the day in question. Once we get to Long John Silver, I will require one (1) combo platter, with a medium Orange Slice. You may purchase whatever you like for yourself.

2) If I decide to bring any other ladies along, try to make them feel welcome. This is the first Iron Man movie ever made. Nobody wants it spoiled by a damned cat fight.

3) You must bring a purse with you large enough to fit whatever snacks I want to sneak into the theater. I will require you, however, to purchase me one large popcorn. I would sneak in some of the microwave stuff, but it just isn’t the same.

4) Oh, and get this one through your thick skull, Toots: as soon as those previews roll, I don’t wanna suck face.

5) If you’re an African American woman, please don’t talk try to talk to Iron Man.

6) This is also important: at dinner, don’t talk about yourself. Instead, here are some recommended questions:

a) Want to go back to my place and watch Youtube videos of Lebron James dunking on fools?
b) Why no, I’ve never seen the Godfather Part II. Could you explain the whole thing to me?
c) I got a thing for guys with history degrees from Virginia Tech. Would you like another grape?

The trivia questions are:

1) Adrien Brody’s character in The Village…I mean, was he retarded or what? What exactly was his deal?
2) My Dad’s favorite movie is…..?
3) For five points, using complete sentences, explain how the tiger vs. Maximus fight in Gladiator was a metaphor for the fall of the Roman Empire. Cite specific examples in your hypothesis. Should be 3-4 paragraphs.
*BONUS QUESTION* 4) Name 3 actors who would have done a better job than Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon in Batman Begins? (Trick question – you can’t, because he was perfect for that role).

Good luck ladies – see you at the movies!


3 thoughts on “Seafood and Iron Man

  1. That’s damn close to the funniest trivia challenge I’ve ever come across. I started to answer the symbolism question of the roman empire when I realized I would never buy you popcorn.

  2. I think she might have sneezed all over someone’s pasta primavera. Someone might have gotten sick because of her!

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